Providing better tools for better research 

80% of the NHS
81,000 clinical trials
11,000 sites
36,000 users
2.5 million patients

EDGE is adopted across the U.K., Canada and emerging markets


Speed up your trial process and bring drug treatment to the market faster.

EDGE maps the research process across the entire site, connecting people in key departments facilitating inter-departmental collaboration.

  • Improving the visibility of trial related activity allowing you to plan appropriate resources
  • Enhancing the quality of the research through removing the duplication effort, and improving accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards
  • Increasing efficiency by streamlining the Clinical Trial process, reducing the burden of on-site visits for monitoring
  • Delivering on-time, on target recruitment

EDGE allows you to map diagnostic and treatment activity during phase II/phase III research giving you a real world foundation for your HTA submission.

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